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#02 Patreon Support for Oceans Project


Moving forward Patreon Support for Oceans Project is going to be one of the most important revenue streams to support the channel and to keep it going.

But why become a Patreon member?

You’ll get exclusive access to a members only section of our website. Watch new episodes before they become available to the public. Also, you get to vote on which projects you’d like to support. You can also suggest projects that you’d like to see supported as well.

On top of all that, we’ll draw members to come and sail with us for free on certain passages or for some of the destinations. All you need to do is get to where we are and we’ll take care of you.

In the end those are only small tokens of appreciation from us for your help. All good things in life take an effort to achieve and money to support it. We have invested our own money into the platform, website and buying the boat, as well as all the filming and diving equipment. There are obviously also all the overheads of running a sailing vessel, maintaining gear, insurances and stocking the boat. We are also dedicating our time to make all of the projects possible. Oceans Project needs the continuing support of you and all the others that have joined us. Without the funds through PayPal donations and Patreon membership we won’t be able to sustain the platform. YouTube add revenue will cover some of the cost, however this will not be enough, at least not in the beginning. We appeal to you as someone who cares about our precious world and our Oceans. You can also help us to grow the platform by using the social share links on the bottom of every page. Please spread the word and help us to recruit more help.

Because of generous and caring people like you we can keep the project running and together we can protect our oceans. Thank you for considering to support us as a Patron, this really means everything!

Please click on the Patreon link to help and support.

Andy Lange

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