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#1 - A New Beginning

Happy New Year! 

I am Andy Lange, the founder of the Oceans Project platform and 2020 is a new beginning for me. Everyone is always complaining (including me) that our environment is getting destroyed, yet most of us don’t really do anything. I just can’t stand by anymore and decided to do something. I have established the Oceans Project platform to support marine conservation projects.

My goal is to do a sailing circumnavigation of the globe, visiting exciting places that have marine conservation projects or want to start one. I am committed in any way possible. Together with the crew of our sailing boat I’ll film the progress of those marine conservation projects and want to give the people behind the projects exposure on our YouTube channel and our website, so they can attract more support and funding.

Everyone can participate. You can become part of our crew on board our sailing vessel, watch us and subscribe to our YouTube channel, donate or become a Patron of our channel. It’s entirely up to you how much you want to be involved. In any way we’d appreciate your support to help and bring change to the world. Enough talking, now it’s time to act.

The timeline for 2020 is as follows:

  • In April I’ll travel to Greece to buy a sailing boat
  • Throughout the summer I’ll install all the necessary upgrades to convert the vessel into a capable blue water cruiser, including a dive compressor to enable scuba diving from the boat.
  • After the conversion and the sea trials are done there will be the chance for anyone (including you!) to apply for becoming a crew member of the Oceans Project sailing yacht. There will be crew trials until Autumn.
  • After the crew is decided we’ll head out to the Cape Verde Island via the Canary Island and from there onward to the Caribbean. 
  • Once arriving in the Caribbean we’ll start to visit, film and report from our first projects.

There will be loads of blogs here on this website and I’ll post videos on YouTube once I bought the boat. 

I really hope you will follow the adventures of Oceans Project and would obviously appreciate any assistance from you.

That’s it for today.

Andy Lange

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