Oceans Project

Marine Protection AND RESTORATION

Oceans Project - MARINE Protection AND RESTORATION

The OCEANS Project combats climate change with the latest methods in coral restoration, using heat adapted corals and inference based A.I. We combine this with the creation of marine protected areas (MPA’s) and the re-introduction of reef sharks, who are vital for the coral and ecosystem health.

The goal is to enable reefs to adapt to the changing climate conditions and the rising sea temperatures. We found the perfect blueprint, which empowers local communities to restore and protect their reefs, for generations to come. The Oceans Project team is teaching those communities how to achieve those goals free of charge. If we receive enough funding, we can sponsor all the communities with the necessary tools.

Our sponsor Quantopay is helping us to spread the climate adaption methods around the globe with their financial backing and a combined marketing effort. Without Quantopay we wouldn’t be able to continue our hard work.

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Contact us if you have a marine protection or restoration project where you want us to collaborate. Oceans Project is here to help. 


— Jane Goodall




Fiji, Tuvalu


Kiribati, Yap, Palau


Raja Ampat, Bali, Cocos (Keeling)


Ningaloo (not confirmed yet)


Indian Ocean

Maldives, Chagos Archipelago, Mauritius, La Reunion

South Africa

Durban, Mossel Bay, Aliwal Shoal, Cape Town 

Circumnavigation one complete, rinse, repeat..