Oceans Project VIDEOS


We are filming all the locations we sail to and bring you the latest updates of our projects on our YouTube channel

The channel has several purposes and there are 2 different kind of video series. 

The first series is called OCEANS Project, where you can see where we sail on our circumnavigation, but more importantly, we show the state of our current Oceans. It is important for everybody to understand how bad the situation in our Oceans really is and we also show solutions on how to restore complete ecosystems.

The second series is called OCEANS Diving Destinations, where we try to inspire you to find your next holiday diving destination with some hidden gems. We have visited some places that are not on the radar of mainstream diving tourism yet and you can find out about those destinations in our videos.

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The OCEANS Project Trailer
Sharks - Marine Protection & Restoration - OCEANS Project e001
Cristina Zenato Part I - OCEANS Project e002
Cristina Zenato Part II - OCEANS Project e003
Antarctica - OCEANS Divivng Destinations e001
Coral Vita Coral Reef Restoration Part I - OCEANS Project e004
Belize - OCEANS Diving Destinations e002
Coral Vita - Coral Reef Restoration Part II - OCEANS Project e005
Costa Rica - Oceans Diving Destinations e003
The Hunt - Mexico Part I - OCEANS Project e006
Dominica - OCEANS Diving Destinations e004
Wild Encounters - Revillagigedo - Mexico Part II - OCEANS Project e007
Thailand - OCEANS Diving Destinations e005
An Ordinary Day in Paradise - OCEANS Project e008
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