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In case you want to become a crew member of OCEANS Project read the requirements below. Please send us an email with the headline Oceans Project Crew Enquiry and attach your CV including picture. 


Our team is very open minded to all applicants who want to join us onboard SV OCEANS. However, we are looking for crew that will pull their weight and are environmentally interested or active. 

Preferably you are a licensed advanced scuba diver and have a minimum of 100 dives.
Also, you shouldn’t be afraid of sharks, as they are on the top of our marine protection agenda and our research programs. There will be a lot of dives with sharks!

Prior sailing experience, preferably liveaboard or cruising experience will be taken in strong consideration.

Experience in photography and video work and editing would be great, as we are publishing our marine protection and restoration projects, as well as our adventures on our YouTube channel and other social media platforms. Preferably you bring your own underwater filming gear (i.e. film camera and underwater housing).

This means that you are in front and behind of the camera. There is absolutely no filming of nudity allowed on the boat. However, will film each other on many occasions in our swim wear or with generally not much on as we are mainly in the tropics. If this is a problem, you are camera shy or body conscious, please do not apply!
To be absolutely clear, this is not a “T” and “A” channel! It’s all about sailing, exploring, adventure, scuba diving, wildlife encounters and marine protection programs.

Andy Lange, the current owner and captain on SV OCEANS trained a lot of people in sailing, scuba diving, photography and filming over the years and if you are not completely competent yet, he and the other crew onboard would be happy to train you and further your skills. However, you should already have experience in these areas and willing to learn and progress to a professional level. 

Whilst we discuss almost anything in the team, there is a clear hierarchy on the boat. The captain has always the last word! If you like to argue, or find it difficult to follow orders, please do not apply. All decisions and orders are made to ensure your safety, the crew and the boats safety!

A degree in marine biology is not required, however, it would help our platform and will also be taken in strong consideration. We are already working together with a lot of renowned scientists and experts, which can help you to further your career in marine biology, in case this is one of your own life goals.

Prior professional experience with social media advertising and marketing experience and/or a journalistic background will help too.

You should also be committed to remote exploration with no internet connection, as there will be plenty of that. If you can’t be without the internet for extended periods, please do not contact us.

If you don’t have at least 6-12 months time that you can commit to our platform and have no prior experience in any of the skills above, please don’t apply. We are environmentalist with goals that we need to achieve in order to bring positive changes to our Oceans.

If you just want, “the experience of sailing” and expect a cheap holiday so you can post selfies to your “friends” from exotic places, please look elsewhere. There are plenty of other boats on other platforms that may take you along with them.

We also don’t care about your age, ethnicity or colour of your skin, as long as you are fit, healthy, respectful and a team player. We strongly discourage labeling or grouping of persons and welcome open minded people! It’s what people can contribute, how they care about and treat others that counts for us!

At the moment we are sharing cost for food and fuel, which is very low as we sail over 90% of the time. Personal cost for customs and immigrations and Covid tests (in case you are not vaccinated yet) are not covered. However, cost for repair and maintenance of the boat are included and covered by OCEANS Project.

We also prefer persons that already have a Covid vaccination as this makes it easier for the boat to enter countries. If you don’t plan to get vaccinated, please don’t apply. There is no flexibility or exceptions on this requirement!

Accommodation, bedding, drinking water, free showers, electricity (230V, EU sockets throughout the boat and available 24/7), as well as scuba tanks and weights for scuba diving are provided too. Please bring your own towels.

We have our own diving compressor, scuba tanks and diving weights  on board. However you need your own full set of scuba diving equipment, consisting of:

  • Diving mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins (bring free diving fins if you have)
  • Wetsuit
  • BCD with D-rings
  • Weight belt
  • Inflatable surface marker buoy with at least 15m (45ft) of line on a reel that can be clipped to your BCD
  • Diving computer
  • Diving knife or at least a line cutter
  • A main and a backup diving light with rechargeable batteries

In case you own a spear gun, pole spear or fishing rod you can bring these items along as we are promoting sustainable fishing.

As soon as we have enough sponsors, investors and donors, OCEANS Project will also cover the cost for food, fuel and any other charges. At that point, for crew with a real long-term commitment we’ll consider a shared revenue model and earning potential.

The adventures and amazing experiences are obviously included too;-)

If this sounds all great and you are a funny, sociable and open-minded person who doesn’t mind hard work to achieve environmental goals, we’d really encourage you to contact Oceans Project.

We can setup a remote interview to start with and take it from there.

We are looking forward to your application.

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