Oceans projects

Shark Protection

Without sharks most tropical ecosystems are doomed. It’s vital that sharks are being protected, because they keep check on the fish populations. We advocate shark feeding and shark dives to introduce the public to these amazing creatures and their environment. This will allow more people to understand sharks and their extremely important role within their ecosystems. As a result we can mobilize more support for shark protection programs around the globe.

We’ll show you a perfect example on how a local community in Fiji, together with a dive center have created a marine sanctuary for sharks. The community gets an admission fee from each tourist that goes out with the diving operation. 

Because of this financial support the community was able to protect the sharks. In other words, the community is now generating income with the reef sanctuaries without even having to fish.  As a direct result the location now has a healthy ecosystem, teaming with marine life! 

We’ll post a video from the location in Fiji on our YouTube channel.

If you have a diving center in a location that has sharks and you want to learn on how to feed those sharks in a save and sustainable way that has minimal impact on your local sharks and their behavior towards humans we can teach you how to do it. Contact us for details.

Reef Sanctuaries

There is more that can be done to restore our Oceans besides protecting sharks. By introducing reef sanctuaries (i.e. no fish zones) in overfished areas, the fish populations will grow back quickly.

Local dive centers can work together with local fishing communities, by introducing a fee for every tourist diving in the sanctuary. Divers don’t mind a small fee for the privilege to go on an exciting dive, with a large and healthy fish population and intact coral reefs.

The proceeds go straight to the fishermen and the community, who will in turn protect the sanctuaries. As a result, after just two years there will be an increase in fish populations that the fish will expand their territories beyond the sanctuaries. This is where the fishermen can fish, without having any negative impact on the environment.

Protecting the hatcheries within the reef sanctuaries is key to the success.


Corals are under stress because of rising sea temperatures due to climate change. This leads to coral bleaching, which is killing off the corals.

On top of that, the intensity of  hurricanes and cyclones that batter the tropical reefs as well as their higher frequencies means that the reefs don’t have the time to recover from these weather phenomena.

We are working together with experts in the field of coral reef monitoring, coral husbandry and coral reef restoration to reverse these effects.

Scientists are growing more resilient corals, which can be planted on a larger scale on dying reefs. This helps to restore the balance of the reef and the health of the ecosystems within.

If you have a resort with a damaged or dying house reef we can help you to restore it. Contact us for more details.

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